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On March 11th 1984, Energía Solar S.A. – ES Windows started its operations as an artisanal solar panel business. Since 1988, the business has become involved in the production, commercialization and installing of aluminum and glass windows and facades for residential projects. The great costumer acceptance of the company’s products leads the business towards an important sales growth, and to improve its technology and invest in key equipment such as the first automated glass-cutting machine in the city.

It was due to this same growth, along with the need to provide the highest quality windows and facades what lead to the creation of Tecnoglass. On April 18th 1994 Techoglass S.A. was created as the best alternative for the production of silk-screened, isolating, tempered, laminated, cured and digital printed glass.

During the mid-1990’s the business started its first export trades to Panama and the US, more specifically, to the south of Florida. Based on the objective of increasing and strengthen exportations, Energía Solar created a new and strategic alliance with the RC Aluminum enterprise, to produce for windows, doors and facades for this company.

In 2002 Energía Solar introduced its anti-hurracane doors and windows to the market, especially tailored in order to comply with the requirements and demands of Miami Dade County. Merely one year after, ES Windows and Ventana Solar businesses we created with its headquarters in Miami and Panama City seeking to attend the international market.

In 2006, the business was moved to its current production site, growing from 3,898 m2 to an initial 36,000 m2 area, all in order to meet production levels. During that same year, the company became an international trader.

Alutions by Tecnoglass, a company dedicated to producing aluminum profiles, was created in 2007, completing he production cycle of the company: aluminum profiles, crystals and windows; providing lower production times and even more competitive prices.

With three specialized companies, a complete production cycle, cutting edge technology and satisfied customers, Energía Solar has shown a 45% sales growth in 2012 when compared to 2011. During the same year, a private process qualification from BRC Investor Services was initiated, in order to offer an ordinary bonus package or preferential company stock package to the public market.

During 2013, Andina Aqcuisition Corporation signs a final agreement in order to merge with both Tecnoglass S.A. and C.I. Energía Solar S.A – ES Windows, creating Tecnoglass Inc.

As a sales leader in Florida, on December 20th 20113, Tecnoglass Inc. becomes the first Colombian firm to enter one of the most prestigious stock markets: Nasdaq. On January 24th 2014, the traditional bell ringing was performed, announcing the operations startup.

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